Wild and Wise

July 5, 2024

To be wild is not to be crazy or psychotic. True wildness is a love of nature, a delight in silence, a voice free to say spontaneous things, and an exuberant curiosity in the face of the unknown.   --- Robert Bly

My experience lingers after a reunion in northern California with Don Americo Yabar, his son Gayle, and two dozen other ‘waikis’ (why-kees). The affectionate term in the highlands of Peru is associated with the Q’ero descendants of the Inca. I am reminded of the teachings and initiations received in the Andes high above Cusco in the late 1990s. Gatherings with Americo both in Peru and the Utah desert over a period of several years were portals---openings into the natural world and mystical teachings that changed my relationship to life and work into a mission of service.

In the Peruvian cosmology salk’a energy is descriptive of undomesticated energy. Energy that moves naturally in the essence of raw, unfiltered, unrestrained movement from one state of being to another. Like water that can transform from liquid to frozen to steam, each form contains its identity even when the environment changes. An inner response and a dynamic connection to the Cosmos. A passageway between home on Mother Earth and remembrance of our previous home above. An energetic bridge.

“It’s now or never” was the implicit message then and now prescient in the current crisis of humanity’s choice to live in total domesticated energy isolated from our natural state of being or accept the inclusive reality of connection to salk’a through the filaments (light energy like, but not auras) between heaven and earth.

Without the trappings of language and categories that divide and separate the physical from the spiritual, nature simply embraces everything. The rocks, trees, birds and bees alongside animals and humans intertwined as one living system.

North and south, east and west, up and down, around and around spirals of Energy weave the contractions and expansions of movements we know as life. Science and spirit merge as our quantum perceptions reveal wisdom of the unknown beyond reason.

Tree Being

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