We are more than we 'think' we are!

June 17, 2022


Recently I've been remembering some of my personal initiations as a human. Not the menstrual cycles I experienced as a budding woman, but more of the kind that shock me awake. Like the time as a young mother raising my kids in 'church' and overhearing the deacons talking about what they would do if a 'black' person tried to visit our congregation. Shocker! I had never considered that not everyone would be welcome.

That's when I realized that my values needed to be upgraded to add 'inclusivity' at the top of my list. Next came the realization that I had undervalued myself, thus limiting my ability to love. Again, I gained into another facet of me! It was not selfish to value oneself; it was a necessity so that I could increase my capacity to love others.

I call these abrupt insights as a process to find out who I am, more than a physical being. God became so much bigger than I had imagined in my insulated, small world. If God is love as I had been taught, then how could it be possible that love would be exclusive!

Since March of 2020, I have noticed that humans around the world are having what seems like a global initiation into love. Love as all inclusive, pervasive, all encompassing. Unlimited and non-selective. My imagination has expanded into the idea of the Cosmos as more than what I used to name the Universe. What if together as a collective group, we begin to see the earth birthing love? What if we put our focus toward what we want more of, like health and well-being? An upgrade is in process if we have the intent to notice.

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