Visions and Dreams

March 10, 2022

It is said that the young dream to live in the world, and elders vision from the past, present, and future a continuing collective reality that brings forth wisdom. Not sleeping dreams and visions, but a yearning for something tangible.

Do you remember a dream you had for your life? Was it for a beautiful relationship? Did you see a house in a location you loved? Was it to live in a particular place?

As a young woman I yearned to be loved. A man with certain features I considered handsome. I found someone who ‘looked’ the part but found out I had trapped myself with not enough information! The look didn’t fit my need to be loved and understood.

Somewhere along the way, I quit dreaming. Life brought challenges and seeming obstacles that dropped reality in my lap. My dreams were in the background, unconscious to me. My life continued to unfold with day-to-day living. Little planning.

Sometimes I felt like I was meandering, wandering, but in conditioned ways of scheduling time. Although it didn’t seem like I was seeking, new information kept seeking into my awareness. A tiny spark would touch my heart. Sometimes the spark was like touching a hot stove, or a small shock. At other times I noticed a flame that warmed my senses.

All the while I experienced cycles of uplift, grief, yearning, longing, pushing and pulling in my internal psyche. It my late forties I discovered my mind was more than my brain! It became possible, occasionally, for me to me in total silence as if my brain were dormant.

A pathway began to form into my intuitive knowing. My sensibilities heightened that connected to information that bypassed my brainy habitual thinking. I found time became amorphous, something I could shape and shift. My internal weaving of fragmented delusions transformed into deep meaning and self-healing.

Profound synchronicities became apparent to me. Perhaps always there, I began to notice! In my third trimester (60ish), I connected to visions. Visions from ancestral elders, storytellers and wisdom keepers. I am sensing a collective weaving that is providing a new template for all Beings. It is a felt sense in my body that is connected in a global energy pattern. Healthy, happy and whole. ©2024
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