The Starting Place Matters

December 3, 2023

No matter where you start.

Whether it’s the starting line of a race, midfield, ahead or behind someone, the starting place matters. If competition is the beginning motivation with the aim to win or coming to common ground in a negotiation for all involved participants, the parameters are set into motion.

The upheaval, dishevelment and untidiness of our global environment is revealing multidimensional perspectives that cannot be denied. It’s as if the big issues facing all of us, i.e., environmental issues, racial proclivities, human proclivities, religious proclivities, etc. are each seated around a global table aching to be heard.

It's as if rebellious teenage behaviors are rampant among adults. The screaming, screeching, piercing voices are trying to convey the same pain that has become pervasive.

Like the spinning wheel, or the web of a spider, or a wheel in motion, the only way off is to go into the center where all can be united as the hub. When the ‘more’ of us as humans slide inwards towards the center, we connect all the dreams, seeds, needs that can find coherence so that the center reflects the 360 degrees looking inward.

If the starting place is where we can agree that equality is our grounding, rooting and nourishing place, we will see that on the continuum of space and time, we are at a place for a new beginning. ©2024
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