Spring has sprung

March 23, 2023
Spring Maiden

Spring, 2023

Maybe it’s because I was birthed near the Spring Equinox, or because in spring my body senses burst forth seeing bluebonnets, spotting robins and noticing buds everywhere I look, but it seems that March is the beginning of the year for me.  I’m noticing my resistance to January as a beginning. Feels more appropriately that January is the ending of an annual cycle pulling me inward to rest.

Praise to Spring! The beginning/entry/portal into an expanding space for rebirth.  I am back to sharing my thoughts and experiences.  I am fully awake and nudged to connect.  Here I am blogging once more.  I had lunch with a new friend. No agenda, just getting to know who she is, what’s important in her life and the intersections between us. Sharing experiences is a rich combination of listening and wandering along converging pathways.

We spoke about Suluafi Brianna Fruean, from Samoa, a young activist who speaks valiantly about issues important to her. She describes herself as coming from a long line of voyagers. Voyagers who knew that the strongest canoe was anchored and steered by elders and powered by youth. She said she is engaged with the most connected generation ever on the planet.

She has learned at a young age that perceiving what is true upends conditioned beliefs and behaviors that are prevalent in the mundane world.  She sees below the surface of what is visible. While Brianna is grounded, her point of view is wide as she reimagines ‘impossible things.’  My new friend and I talked about opportunities for us as Elders who have experience, wisdom and desire to support the empowered next generations.  

Cycles. Generations. Movement in flow and stillness. When I let go of human made, conjured tic toc time, I am open to exploring the mystery, the uncertain and unknown landscapes of mind and awakening consciousness.  Planet Earth, Pachamama, Mother Earth is a living organism who has supported life of all species. Next gens are shining light towards becoming globally engaged citizens who need supportive energy.  Yes, each person matters and yet we are all in the same canoe.

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