Shifting Sands to Holy Ground

April 8, 2023

Shifting Sands to Holy Ground

Finding balance while standing on shifting sands pulls me towards a hunger for holy ground. April arrived with blessed rains in 'my' valley; the space and place where I am rooted within community. In times where uncertainty is prevalent, I recognized the weaving of three holy gatherings honoring the resurrection symbology of Easter, the fasting discipline to practice non-overindulgence in Ramadan, and the passing over from slavery to sovereignty embedded in Passover. Three traditions and overlapping markers that allow melding of hearts.

Communion is an unexpected gift that repeats itself on a regular basis evidenced in two holy circles. One is an open invitation for weekly chair exercises at the library. It so happens that 12 or more of us gather to combine rhythmic and harmonious movements that invigorate and strengthen our bodies.

The second circle is similar and different only in the specific nature of sitting with wise elders in a memory-care environment. Innocent and inclusive acceptance around the circle feeds my soul.

Both groups exude the poetry of undivided wholeness/holiness. All of us are living in our third trimester, i.e., over 60 agelessness. Each of us adds energy, compassion and love in its purest essence to the experience. Time and space collide as we commune again and again. Although the sands beneath us may be shifting, we balance and rebalance like the cycles of nature. ©2024
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