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Life Guidance

I offer 3 programs for all stages of life:  Focus, Commit, and Manifest Your Best Life

Most people only experience life as amateur humans.  But that means they miss out on the deep joy and magnificence of what is possible in all stages of life with life guidance to nurture your identity.

There are infinite paths that can shape our journey as it changes.

We are living in unchartered circumstances

Preparing is more valuable than planning

Overplanning? or Preparing?

Choose the perfect program for your stage of life. Preparing allows for unpredictability, uncertainty, and complexity that requires risk, courage, and creativity to manifest unlimited capacity to meet changing environments.

Planning attempts to execute for efficiency and improvement that seeks proficiently to measure, calculate and predict doesn't align with fast change.  

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Who Are You?


Identity Crisis? Life challenges can hide who we are, and how we show up in life. I discovered that Identity creates destiny.

Life guidance adds value.

You are more than you think you are!

Identity is your superpower!
Let me guide you to find yours.

ShaMama Avatar, represents my internal guide! She came to me when I was in Peru
with a group of other seekers. A seeker
is someone who is continuously open
to the mystery of life. ShaMama showed
me I am both harmonious/peaceful
AND warrior with fierce love.
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Identity is your superpower!
Let me guide you.

Identity is Our Superpower

Where did you begin? Are you ready to expand? Married young and a teenaged mother, my identity was tied to my roles as wife and mother. I missed the personal development stage that sorted out 'me'. I tried diligently to be a 'perfect' wife and mother. Every morning I made homemade biscuits for my husband....and often with gravy! I went to church three times each week. More babies came along. After ten years of marriage, I went through a crisis. Who am I? Whew. That open-ended question took me on a very long journey.

Eventually, ShaMama the Wisdom Seeker showed me that my identity is my superpower. But I didn't know 'how' to find my true identity. My pathway of self growth and personal discovery helped me expand my identity. I discovered I have 12 inner guides/archetypes who can guide me.

Are you in a transition stage of life? It might be as a young adult to "grown up"? It might be a middle-age "thing," or maybe shifting from adult into becoming an "Elder." I would love to support you in whatever stage of life you are at with the assistance of my decades of wisdom seeking. ©2024
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