Poker Power, Risk & Reward

August 30, 2023

It all depends on the degree of willingness to be the producer, the stage crafter, the star performer, and the observer of your life. Crazy, uncertain times in which we are living seem to be pushing people away from the choices to take chances that point us towards more of what we want in life and work.

The compounded ways we revert to remembering experiences we categorize as failures looms in the background waiting to prove us wrong again. Don’t get too cocky or you’ll blow it, is a common refrain. Those bits of disinformation seem more real than the multitude of successes in daily life. Minute by minute miracles occur if we have eyes to see them.

Bottom of Form

It starts with who we think we are. Are we a bit player Critic waiting for the big breakthrough to come along while playing it safe? Are we the Realist who lays the cards on the table and calculates the limited options? Are we the Dreamer who imagines the possibilities and is willing to become the Creator?

Social norms shade our ideas of good and bad, success and failure, hope and fear. Those gut feelings can be confusing in the middle of a crisis or a creative moment. Learning to trust the inner senses is a continuous process to uncover the conditioned responses. Who doesn’t have a memory of a pointed finger in the face with an accusatory meaning that guilty is the only option? The turnabout is to see that finger pointed back to self for the true understanding and discernment, not judgment, that can reverse the self-doubt to update that old belief.

Quantum leaps are happening in unprecedented numbers in the fields of science and technology, health and education. My expanding sense of the human race is that we are on the precipice of moving beyond amateur humans and becoming more masterful in creating pathways for all of the human race to create a continuing story that is powerful for all of us. ©2024
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