Out with the Old, in with the New

July 11, 2022
Navigating Our New Reality

   The question for me is 'how do I sort it out? What are the old and new ways?' This is a time I want to sit in a circle with wise grandmothers to hear what they have to say. To sit with the Ones who have the lived experience of moving through a seismic shift! 
   What do we hold onto, and what do we leave behind? What wants to happen as we witness the disintegration of what we thought would last forever? Where do we find the strength and stamina to face the challenges and opportunities of our time on this planet?
   My inner conflict of holding on and letting go stirs and sometimes boils within my heart and my gut.  Recently, I met with a Wise Elder who sat with me for many hours as I struggled to get a grip. Her eyes held mine as she explained that deeper truths are being revealed about the relationship of humans to Mother Earth. "The balance has become lopsided." She showed me that humans have distorted their views about living on the earth ship. She helped me see that each of us has the responsibility to rebalance what is out of balance in our hearts and minds.
   We must increase our capacity to be in the active process of opening wider to seemingly impossible possibilities. Like Alice in Wonderland, we can become curiouser and curiouser instead of shaming and blaming. Where do we want to go? What does it look like? Paint and imagine visions that show how to reorient ourselves and ourselves with each to restore balance for highest good for all.

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