Nature's Dialogues

March 6, 2024

In this seasonal dialogue, seeds respond to the invitation of warmth, stretching towards the sunlight. Birds, in turn, serenade the blossoming landscape, creating a harmonious exchange. It's a captivating conversation between flora and fauna, orchestrated by the persuasive touch of spring. The result is a living canvas painted with vibrant hues and musical notes that resonate with the very essence of renewal.

Impossible to ignore, my psyche and my physical body attempts to attune to the awakening natural rhythms. Just as the wave of renewal begins to synchronize, the out-of-nature forced majeure of daylight-saving time that crashes in like an unexpected bomb. Confused by the shocking implications of disruption, my mind throws a temper tantrum further distorting natural cycles. My body gasps for calming breaths. I walk outside with bare feet to remind myself I can touch what is real. ©2024
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