First Full Moon, 2024

January 25, 2024

Tuning to phases of movement

Even though I sense that 2024 will be a year like no other, a pivot choice point for who ‘we’ think we are, I have been relaxing into one of the most known cycles. The phases of the moon happen to be fully bright and wholesome today. Note the word ‘whole’.  Like the moon, you are still whole, no matter what phase you are in, said someone.

The first phase began with the new, almost dark phase on January 11th. In silence, still and settled, the tuning inward was my starting place. My imagination scrolled through visions of peacefulness, joyfulness, and internal lightness.

Curiously, most calendars have notations about the moon phases! It must be a ‘thing’! Most of us are inattentive to the subtleties of energetic patterns that surround us, much less to what’s happening inside.

Each moon phase lasts for 2-3 days. This cycle I have focused on movement. Sparks, sparkles, drops of rain, falling leaves, variances in the wind. Everything is always moving whether we notice or not. I’m noticing. The movement from new, to waxing crescent, to first quarter, to waxing gibbous to full has been the movement till today. The movement changes to waning gibbous, last quarter to waning crescent and again to new.

Again and again in a flowing yet structured pattern. This year my intention is to focus on the repeating pattern as the months continue. It feels like a thread of hope I can hold as the uncertainty, chaos and craziness of our world is happening around me and us.

Something is emerging like an unfolding story waiting to be told. From my story to our story, the whole story can only be spoken, written, visioned, and made tangible when we collectively allow our bits to be seen in the whole. Let me hear from you about how your story is emerging. What is stirring within You? ©2024
Tuned In Design