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Rethinking Aging with EASE

Like me, millions of Boomers are in or are entering a new passage into the third semester of life. By the third trimester, I am pointing to those over 60. Unlike the ‘stages’ I was taught. The third trimester is not sequential. There is no normal or stereotypical process. It is about the fitness of mindset and shifting beyond the misconceptions of aging. Within the space of the third trimester there is no landing place. It is more like being untethered without gravity to hold us down. It’s more like a free flow of internal awareness.

There are dozens of misconceptions about aging. Some think after age x that it’s all downhill. Or that the end of the line is near so best use up the lifeforce before its gone. Some believe it’s all about the genes, so might as well give in to predicted outcomes. Or depression and loneliness are inevitable. On and on with a scarcity mindset.

But I am discovering there are some assumptions that make more sense to me and are above all else hopeful. My new belief is that my HealthSpan equals my LifeSpan! This perspective allows me opportunities to see my life differently, and with a more balanced approach. This belief assumes that there is enough of my health to match my lifeline. Whew! That opens me beyond the scarcity way of thinking that is prevalent among the aging population. Not about ‘not enough’. It is about the belief that I have all the inner resources I need to live vivaciously.

There are many examples in front of us. Women over 50 who thrive and create previously thought unimaginable new beginnings. Martha Stewart comes to mind. A woman who made lemonade and more while she was in prison. Women in their 70s, 80s and 90s who are leaping into new territory with vim and vigor. This is not to say we are striving to be like them or replicate their paths. And yet when we see possibilities we can be encouraged that we can live now and reimagine more of healthy, happy, hopeful lives.

The question becomes, “How to tap into those inner resources?” And with the openness and curiosity of my dear friend, Marj, I have created a new 6-week program, Rethinking Aging with EASE.

Do you see yourself as old? Would you like to expand that perception? Come along with me to experiment and explore. The new program will begin in late summer, 2023. There is no fee. Simply an invitation to participate with other women about the third trimester of life. Let’s do it together. With curiosity like Alice in Wonderland!

Here is a link to let me know if you are willing! I have no expectations except to explore together, in person and with zoom.

Past Events

This event was held in February 2023

Return to Wholeness

Together we will honor the sacredness of your life force.
Now is the time to accept the Call.

We have reached a choice point for humanity. It is time for each of us to claim our co-creative powers and live like change is the norm as we prepare for Earth Shifts.

It is time to focus and commit to heal ourselves with our planet to discover our part as co-creators of the future.

The Soul path begins with Wholeness, but we forget.  The retreat is designed to help you remember!

  • We will explore energy with dowsing rods.
  • We will learn energetic healing practices.
  • We will journey together through 5 initiations in archetypal landscapes.
  • We will experience how to become harmonious with All.
  • We will discover more about our potential possibilities.
  • We will clarify what it means to be a Sovereign Being.
This event was held in August 2022

Practices for Possibilities and book signing:

Aging with ease was the theme of my talk in Taos, NM, on August 17th. Some people believe that aging is a disease along with other out-of-sync myths. We will explore the idea that adding years to life can be a 'new' experience that activates wholeness and what it means to be healthful.

Pause * Learn * Reflect * Connect

We will practice tuning in to our individual medicine that resonates with continuous healing. There are endless possibilities that can lead to repairing, restoring and regenerating our youthfulness. We will learn how to expand the sweet spots during the third trimester of living.

Finding the Keys to Vibrancy will take us on an adventure.

This event was held in February 2022

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