Beyond Never Normal

March 10, 2022

Beyond the 'Never Normal'

My head is spinning with the realization not only we will not return to normal, but we are also in a quandary about ‘what is’. For so long the phrase, ‘it is what it is’, has been a cultural mantra.

Thinking about ‘what is’ and what’s not normal needs an upgrade in my newly forming opinion! Yep, circumstances abound that seem untenable, perhaps even apocalyptic. Despair, frustration, hopelessness emotions follow that thought.

When I discovered that the root word of apocalypse stems literally means the ‘unveiling and revealing of what has not been seen’, something hopeful rose up in my heart. What if the circumstances are revealing hidden truths that have been held in secret? What if, the pandemic moving into an endemic, is showing how connected we truly are as humans? What if, our eyes are opening to a wider lens into what is broken? What if, we are being given an opportunity to move beyond the pain, heartache, violence, and sickness to a new model of caring and living together on our planet?

Spiral Up!

“We don’t know what’s coming, but we can shape what’s ahead” is from the lyrics of MaMuse, my new favorite music. Unless and until we see 3+ opportunities to choose what we want, we are trapped in two-minded dualistic living. We can spiral down, spiral up, and create more beautifully crafted connected, healthy, vibrant spirals. Imagine the shape of a torus. ©2024
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