Ageless and Timeless

August 13, 2022
Matrix of timelessness

Quantum land is a place of no time. Since I am not a mathematician, nor do I understand quantum mechanics, I need a way to translate those hefty equations! In my head I see mandalas, spirals and grids. My heart understands intuitively what my head doesn't grasp. My gut gives me information that resonates with curves, circles and moving shapes.

Time travel seems elusive. At the same time, when I am dancing, chanting, walking in nature, time evaporates. I seem to be weightless, drifting and swimming in nothingness. Time does not exist until and unless something external jars me, disrupts my reverie and gravity pulls me back to earth time.

The childhood story of Alice in Wonderland written oh so long ago by Lewis Carroll, seems relevant to my adult way of thinking. Instead of going underground into the rabbit hole, I find myself seeking upward into the vastness of the cosmos prompted by the recent James Webb telescope photos. The beauty and vastness of wide-open space leads me to imagine impossible ideas that could become possible. ©2024
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