Abundance or Scarcity

November 20, 2023

The Season of Thanks

Even though Thanksgiving is only practiced in the United States, there is an imbued desire among humans to express gratitude that comes in many forms like appreciation, admiration, awareness, and awe.

So much in life is taken for granted and unnoticed in our bustling around day by day. Taking time to reflect everyday is a practice to tune-in, listen and notice. I remember the first time I saw a dung beetle rolling along, seemingly easily, with its ball of recycled poop.  It was amazing to pay attention to nature as normal.

Not to get too off subject, but what is normal in the chaos of constant change? One technique is to change the focus. Sometimes to a larger lens, and for me most often to the momentous moment. Those delightful minutes watching that beetle are still giving me deep gratitude, again and again.

What will you be talking about around your Thanksgiving table this year?

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