My Speaking Topics

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Building Connections
Life guidance helped me! Since publishing Story Book Mountain in 2018, I dedicated myself full time to bringing my message to others around the world. I help others break through the boundaries that are limiting to limitless self growth and professional and personal development. Let's find out how to connect your dots to become all of who you are.
Start with:
   • Explore where I am?
   • Decide to focus.
   • Commit to a pathway.
   • Manifest more of what you want.
The Back Story on Me
With degrees in Business, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior, I jumped from inside corporate America where I worked as Director, Communications & PR, to start my own business in 1992. My journey took me to work as a change agent/Executive Coach with companies in the US and the UK. The life guidance coaching programs were a two-way street.
Ready or not? Now is the time.
Like many of us, I have been through various transformations in my life. How does a young girl born in the Texas panhandle find herself in a castle outside Edinburgh, Scotland, leading a group of Scottish professionals to expand their thinking and navigate professional growth?
Come Along to Rethink Aging
Something has awakened me about a new passage I am going through. 76 is a big number! Like millions of other Boomers, I have questions about aging that didn’t occur to me before recently. Take a look at my new 6-week program called Rethinking Aging with EASE. No fee, just a commitment to participate. What is your fitness mindset about aging? ©2023
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